More Life Pilates is founded on the principle of living life to the fullest of ones abilities.

Being Orillia and Simcoe County’s first fully equipped Classical Pilates studio, all of the apparatuses Joseph Pilates invented will be explored!

From the cadillac to the toe exerciser, we’ve got it all! Your teacher will take you around the studio, building strength, balance, flexibility and resilience.

You’ll be lengthening, strengthening and Pilate-ing on Legacy Pilates Apparatus equipment … classical, world-class, hand-crafted apparatuses.


What We're Made Of:


Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear?

Comfortable athletic wear, free of buttons, snaps, and zippers. Baggy shorts should be avoided as we incorporate inversions and straddle stretches in our workouts. We require socks to be worn in our studio and sticky bottom socks provide the best grip throughout a workout. If you do not own grip socks, we have them for purchase.

How is Classical Pilates different from other forms of exercise?

Classical Pilates is different from most exercise programs out there because it is a non-impact and safe exercise method. When you move the body you’re doing so from the powerhouse thus protecting your back. You’re also working the body very evenly and symmetrically, finding misalignments and learning to balance them.

How can beginners get the most benefit from Classical Pilates?

Be consistent, especially in the beginning! Don’t just try it once, make it consistent and do it in succession. Classical Pilates serves as a delicious break from a busy life but is also the key ingredient to rehabilitation. Also, listen to your body and really concentrate, it makes all the difference.

What should I expect in my first session?

Your teacher will ask you some questions about your physical health and overall goals. They will then guide you through some fundamental principles of alignment and get you moving through a variety of exercises using a number of apparatuses. This will give you a light workout and an overall sense of Classical Pilates’s diversity.

Is there studio etiquette I need to be aware of?

Please put your cell phone on silent when entering the studio. Please arrive 5 minutes prior to your appointment time.